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Our Story

I am an American jewelry designer in Amsterdam...  

It was at age 30 when I found myself at an existential crossroads that would change the course of my life. At the time 2 years ago, I was living in Boston and feeling creatively unfulfilled and imaginatively stunted in my career path (just one of the many previous), while all the while in the midst of a physical and emotional awakening following a total hip replacement that rendered the previous decade of my pain-ridden twenties a bad dream of the past that I hope to never relive. In the initial throes of what I like to call a "second youth," free of pain and clear-minded, I knew something needed to change but the 'what' and 'how' were not as easy to come by. There were only two things which I knew to be certain - 1) I need to do something that makes me truly happy and 2) designing and creating something that I can call my own while making others happy is that thing. Two months later, I sold my very first collection to Dolls Kill, based in San Francisco. It was a rocker-chic niche collection that was my first ever attempt at a jewelry collection and although not entirely representative of my personal style at this point in my life, it was a blast to create!

Jump ahead two years later, Amsterdam is the city that I am now grateful to call home, where I sell my handmade collections and exclusive pieces to various boutiques, in addition to all of you lovely people around the world through my online store. Traveling has also become a main priority in my life, so much so that my innate wonderlust has turned me into an expat, indefinitely. It is through these life experiences that I gain inspiration for my jewelry line which - once a mere emotional impulse - I now get to share with the rest of the world; all the while having one goal in mind - to bring you that effortlessly Boheme look that we all love, at a price that we love just the same... 

Lea Christine Jewelry Founder and Designer

Born out of my personal lust for all things vintage, Lea Christine is a jewelry line that I created in 2016 for the forever Boheme. Inspired by the feel-good vibes and star-crossed times of decades past, all pieces are designed and hand-crafted with the 'soul' purpose of bringing to life an enchanted feeling of a time lost but not forgotten. It is through my personally designed collections that I share with you a glimpse of the world through my eyes...